AllFacebook Marketing Conference: Facebook’s Revamped News Feed, Three Months Later

By David Cohen 

When Facebook introduced its revamped News Feed in March, one of the most immediate reactions was concerns by brands that users’ ability to customize their feeds would impact them and potentially slash into their engagement, despite the social network’s efforts to reassure them. Nearly three months to the day after the debut of the new News Feed, the morning keynote at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in San Francisco will weigh the impact.

Unlike in the past, when users saw only what Facebook’s News Feed algorithm determined was the most appropriate and interesting content for them, users can choose to see: all posts from friends only, all posts from pages only, or all posts from people they’ve subscribed to. Have page administrators been able to adapt?

AllFacebook Co-Editor Justin Lafferty will moderate the panel, at 9 a.m. PT Wednesday, June 5, and he will be joined by:

The panelists will examine what has changed in what will be three months since the new News Feed was introduced, and how pages in general, and organic reach in particular, have been impacted.

Readers: There’s still time to register for the AllFacebook Marketing Conference.