Former Facebook Business-Development Head Ali Rosenthal Joins MessageMe As COO

By David Cohen 

Ali Rosenthal left her post as business-development head at Facebook in January 2011, spending one year as an executive in residence at Greylock Partners. And now, she will join startup free messaging application MessageMe as chief operating officer.

Facebook blocked MessageMe’s access to its find friends functionality in March.

According to AllThingsD, while at Greylock, Rosenthal worked with LittleInc Labs, which created MessageMe.

Rosenthal wrote in a blog post on Tumblr:

I joined Facebook early in 2006, when it was a community of 4 million, and led teams through hyper-growth and intense competition when MySpace was the behemoth and the industry felt saturated.

As a part of Facebook’s business-development and mobile organizations, my colleagues and I forged and managed relationships with the global Web and mobile ecosystems. We helped grow the user base to more than 1 billion users worldwide. And during my time, we built the mobile product user base from zero to more than 300 million users worldwide, and today, it’s over 750 million.

People use connected devices to communicate in more ways than ever before. MessageMe is simple, lightning-fast, and creatively empowering. It is not simply a text/SMS replacement. I love doing a quick image search for a fun meme or way to evoke a laugh, or quickly dropping a pin for my location to let a friend know where I am. MessageMe feels natural and fluid and gives me the ability to be more expressive and emotive, mimicking the way conversations happen in real life.

At MessageMe, I get to leverage my Facebook experience in a new environment with different market conditions. Mobile has changed everything and continues to do so at breakneck pace. During my time at Facebook, we witnessed and adapted to the beginnings of the smartphone’s ascendance and the transition from Web-first to mobile-first. Here at MessageMe, we have the opportunity to take full advantage of smartphone technology to make communication more personal, emotive, and expressive. We’re just at the very beginning and we’d love your feedback.

Readers: Have you ever used MessageMe?