ALERT: New Malware Worm Spreading Via Twitter – Beware Of Links

By reginaavalos Comment

A new worm full of malware hit Twitter late last night, and it has people on alert today. This new malware attack uses links to spread, and it is hitting mobile Twitter users! The two first links to pop up and hit users were and However, other links carrying the malware threat have popped up since the initial attack began. A new link that reads “Just found the easiest way to track who follows and unfollows you –” is now one to look out for.

Techcrunch was the first to discover the virus late Monday night, and they reached out to Twitter for more information. A statement from a Twitter support representative, Troy Holden, reads as follows: “We’re aware and have sent out password resets for affected users. We’ll monitor the situation in case of further iterations.”

What is this worm doing once you click the link? It is either taking over your account, or it is creating new ones. A number of accounts have been affected since the virus began to spread. The Next Web has done some checking on the source of the virus, and one of the links does point to a French company who may be involved.

But likely, that site was hacked, and the person behind this malware attack is now using it as their own. These links are deceptive because the link looks very much like Google. Unaware users might clink the link thinking it comes from the search engine, and once that link is clicked the connection between your Twitter and the malware is established. Right now, it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t click any links you are not sure of, especially those coming from