ALERT: Former Facebook Engineer Reveals 30 Bugs

By David Cohen Comment

Any undertaking with the scale and complexity of Facebook is bound to have its share of bugs, and a former Facebook engineer posted a detailed list of more than 30 of them.

As first reported by TechCrunch, former Facebook engineer and Phabricator creator Evan Priestley has been updating the Pinterest log since September.

The log contains detailed information and screen shots of more than 30 production issues from Facebook, and it had collected 244 followers and 115 Facebook likes at the time of this post.

Priestley posted on Quora:

Facebook is the buggiest software I use regularly, by a wide margin. By paying less attention to quality, Facebook has been able to focus on other things, like making the company a fun place to work at that can attract and retain talented engineers. Facebook would probably be less fun if it cared more about quality.

Social networking isn’t really critical to people. It’s important, but it’s not banking or space shuttles or nuclear reactors. It’s not bridges or cars. It’s not even email (at least, in most cases) or phone calls. This also gives Facebook more margin to work with.

He sounds like an ex-employee, all right.

Readers: Do you agree with Priestley that Facebook does not put enough emphasis on quality?