Facebook Shuts Down Albania Pirate Group Page, Which Publicly Shared Windows Remote Desktop Logins

By David Cohen 

While hackers generally keep low profiles and take steps to keep their activities off the radar, one group that called itself the Albania Pirate Group was using Facebook in the same way harmless organizations like local rotary clubs would, until the social network shut down its page.

Sophos’ Naked Security reports that the Albania Pirate Group page, which had more than 600 likes, was openly sharing RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) logins, which gave hackers access to computer systems and banking details, and which could be downloaded even by Facebook users who did not like the page.

Naked Security added that the logo of the Albania Pirate Group was similar to that of the Kosova Hacker’s Group, which breached U.S. National Weather Service servers last month.

According to Naked Security, the Albania Pirate Group page was shut down by Facebook within one hour of the social network having been notified of its existence.

Screen grab courtesy of Naked Security.