Al Gore Buys Apple Stock Worth Millions

By Cameron Scott 

Tom Raferty via Wikimedia Commons

Al Gore used the money from his sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera to purchase Apple stock worth $29.5 million.

Gore exercised his right to buy shares at the low, low price of $7.48, buying 59,000 shares on Wednesday.

Gore, who helped found Current TV in 2005, had a 20 percent stake in the network, which Al Jazeera purchased in early January for an estimated $500 million.

Gore’s influence helped get Current picked up by a number of cable and satellite networks, and Gore went to those executive suites again as he moved to sell to Al Jazeera, arguing that dropping the news channel because it was Arab-owned would be a political mistake. Its continued placement in distribution packages earned Current a higher price.

Gore’s vote of confidence notwithstanding, Apple shares fell slightly after the bell.