AgoraPulse Offers Mobile Support For Facebook Campaigns

By Justin Lafferty 

AgoraPulse, which provides Facebook page analytics, now offers marketers the ability to tailor mobile-only campaigns. With AgoraPulse’s mobile technology, brands can offer optimized experiences to those who access contests or promotions from desktops or smartphones.

One of the main problems that has plagued marketers is the fact that while Facebook has tabs on its desktop version, allowing fans to easily interact with companies’ newest promotions or contests, the same technology hasn’t exactly transitioned into mobile yet.

AgoraPulse now allows brands to send out mobile-friendly links so people accessing Facebook pages through their phones or tablets can participate, as well. It offers support for several types of Facebook contests: quiz, vote, sweepstakes, instant win, photo contest, and coupon.

Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse’s founder and CEO, talked with AllFacebook about his company’s newest offering:

We have built those applications with 15 different templates that are Bootstrap-based. Bootstrap is the responsive design framework of Twitter. So we’ve used that Bootstrap design to basically design more apps and templates that will adapt to any type of screen, whether they are mobile, smartphone, tablet, or the Web. For everything else, we’ve done the same thing. There’s a special link that you have to use, and that link is on our servers, and when you get to that link, our servers will determine what device you’re using and send you to the right version of the app.

Here’s an example of a Facebook desktop contest translated into mobile:

AgoraPulse also put out a video explaining its mobile offerings:

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