Planning Your Social Media Party [Video]

By Neil Glassman 

Jason Rockwood, Director of Social Strategy, Tribal DDB

It’s impossible for participants at Advertising Week 8 to attend all the sessiona relevant to their jobs and their clients. The agenda is just overwhelming. In a good way.

I was fortunate to pick several sessions with fresh perspectives on the evolving space where advertising meets social media. One, The Holy Grail of Marketing, included Karl-Heinz Land and Roland Fiege of presenting company MicroStrategy, Martha Rogers of Peppers & Rogers Group, Brian Solis of Altimeter Group, Jason Rockwood of Tribal DDB and Scott Galloway of L2 Think Tank. [See my post on L2’s recent study on lessons you can learn how beauty brands are using social media.]

Rockwood’s talk [at about 54 minutes in] was the standout — not an easy feat in this group of high caliber, engaging speakers. He offered a framework for thinking about social strategy in a way that every stakeholder in companies and agencies can understand and act upon. The presentation was fun without skimping on meaningful content.

Speaking of social media strategy analogous to party planning, he covered the four key element of the social process: Listening, understanding, participating and measuring.

AW8 – The Holy Grail of Marketing by advertisingweek

Here are the steps to create a successful social party:


  • Choose a theme (Business objective)
  • What kind of party is this? (What’s appropriate for the channel?)
  • Who will you invite? (Identify target demographic)
  • Do you have permission to play here? (Do you have the trust of your customers so that they will want to spend time with you online?)


  • What will make this party fun?
  • Is this an inclusive or exclusive party?
  • Who will be your guest(s) of honor? (Hint: It’s not you)
  • Choose your venues (The right social media channels)
  • What kind of party games will you play? (Use gamification in a way that’s relevant to your brand)
  • How will people find out about your party? (Media spend on promotion)
  • What kind of party favors will you give away? (Giveaways, discounts, coupons, prizes)
  • Decorate accordingly
  • Play well with others (Cross channel integration; bridges that connect the elements of your strategy)
  • Put a party in your pocket (Mobile elements)


  • Look out for unruly guests (Manage negativity)
  • Make sure your guests are having a good time
  • Keep the conversation balanced
  • Don’t talk about yourself too much (You job is to connect others and get them talking)
  • Don’t act weird just because you’re at a party (Be yourself and behave consistently across channels)
  • A good host helps guests meet other guests they may find interesting


  • How will you know if people had a good time? (Listening tools)
  • Identify ways to do it better next time
  • Take steps today to prepare for future parties

Another take on the social party theme

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Neil Glassman is principal marketing strategist at WhizBangPowWow, where he delivers integrated social, digital and linear media solutions. Contact Neil by email and join his conversations on Twitter and Google+.