4 Ways To Incorporate Facebook Advertising Into Social Recruiting

By David Cohen 

Stéphane Le Viet, founder and CEO of Facebook social recruiting company Work4 Labs, shared four ways that Facebook’s recently introduced advertising options can be used as part of the recruiting process.

In a post on The Work4 Blog, he wrote:

Custom audiences: Chances are you already have a talent pool outside of Facebook. Perhaps it’s an email list from your ATS (applicant-tracking system) or a recruiting event. If you want to reconnect with those potential candidates and drive them to your Facebook career site, you can turn your lists into custom audiences that can be targeted with Facebook ads. Think of custom audiences as a way to take email marketing to the next level by allowing you to reconnect with members of your list on their favorite social network.

Lookalike audiences: Maybe you don’t have a list (or want to grow your talent pool even bigger), but you do know what kind of candidate profiles you want to target. Lookalike audiences lets you build a database of ideal candidates by comparing Facebook profiles similar to an existing list of candidates (or even current employees) in order to target the candidates you really want.

Partner categories: This most recent update to Facebook’s advertising options is one of the most exciting for those looking to target based on more than simple profile data like location, work, and education history, or liked brands or companies. Without ever revealing a user’s private data, partner categories help you hone in on specific groups of people based on occupation, purchase history, lifestyle, and more. This brand-new feature promises to give talent-acquisition and employer-branding professionals like yourself even better control of the way you target and attract talent.

Retargeting: There’s nothing worse than knowing that a candidate viewed one of your jobs on Facebook, visited your corporate career site, or started an application in your ATS, only to disappear before ever applying for the job. Sometimes, candidates need a little reminder to return and finish what they’ve started. You can do this with Facebook retargeting, which embeds data called a cookie in the Web browsers of those who visit your careers, whether on your Facebook or corporate career site. When the user opens up his or her Facebook homepage, the cookie signals the Facebook ads platform that it’s time to show the user an ad for your careers. This is especially useful for increasing candidate conversion rates and keeping your talent pool strong.

Readers: Has Facebook ever been part of your arsenal for either searching for a job or seeking candidates for an open position?

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