Advertising on Mobile? Display Your Ads At Lunchtime

By Kenna McHugh Comment

When do you think is the best time to run advertising on mobile phones? If you just read my article about automotive marketing on the internet, your answer would be evenings. Quite the contrary, if you believe the latest monthly data from Jumptap — midday is when ad interaction rates peak on the mobile ad network. Equally, the click-through rates are at the lowest during the morning commute and early hours of the average workday. Lunchtime is also a popular time to catch mobile users to increase advertising response.

The May report also indicated that mobile ads increasingly focus on “calls to action” other than “clicking through” to a particular website. About 34% of performance-based campaigns involve a click-to-call option or download offering instead of directing the user to a web-based property.

Another cool aspect of the report is that Android continues to gain its fair share. The smartphone platform produced 42.4% of ad requests, which is up 3% from the month of April. However, Apple iOS was just about flat with a 30.3% share. Finishing up the whole report is Motion’s BlackBerry OS, at nearly 21%, down 4 percentage points from April.

All in all, the Jumptap report tells us to concentrate the bulk of our mobile advertising dollars during the midday. We want to focus on “calls to action” rather than “clicking through”. It will be interesting to see is the summer months change the mobile users’ interaction peak times. If you consider, kids are out of school and families go on vacations during this time of year.