Adult Dating Site Spams Facebook With Fake Profiles

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Last night after being tipped off about a new meme spreading on Facebook I stumbled across something much more widespread: fake profiles that were being used to promote an adult dating site. All of the profiles had identical status updates with a slightly different link for the purpose of determining which profiles performed best.

If you were ever a member of MySpace, there’s a good chance you remember how the site became over run by fake accounts who spammed users with friend requests from profiles of attractive women who also linked to similar adult dating sites. Now it appears that the same thing is happening to Facebook. Throughout the weekend, fake profiles have been set up which all post status updates which are similar to the following one:

its hurts! haha, got somethig pierced last night, cant show on here but come view my profile:) let me know what you think

The link then brings you to a landing page for While I won’t display screenshots of the site, as they are too revealing (extremely NSFW), it’s pretty clear that this is an organized marketing campaign by the company who runs the site. Given that all the profiles appear to have been successful at attracting hundreds of friends, there’s a good chance that this marketing campaign is working pretty well. Below is a search for “got something pierced last night”. There are still tons of profiles that appear to be spamming the site as of right now.

Got Something Pierced Screenshot