Facebook Joins The Fight Against ‘Bad Ads’

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has entered into an alliance with fellow Web giants Google, Twitter, and AOL in an effort to fight ads that deliver malware, scam users, or sell counterfeit items.

According to a report from PC World, the companies formed the Ads Integrity Alliance today, and they’ve also linked up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau in New York as a charter member. The group is powered by StopBadware, a nonprofit that aims to clean up the web ecosystem by ridding the Internet of problem websites.

Eric Davis, Google’s global public policy manager, wrote about the newly formed alliance on the search engine’s blog.

A Facebook spokesperson also responded to AllFacebook about the company’s decision to join the alliance:

At Facebook, we strive to create a trusted environment for our users and advertisers. By joining the Ads Integrity Alliance we hope we can do even more to protect everyone who uses the internet. We look forward to working with the industry to find ways to make the web safer.

Although Google, Facebook, and Twitter may be rivals, they can all agree that something has to be done for a safer Web. StopBadware hosts the Badware Website Clearinghouse, a massive database of sites that Google and other partners have identified as containing or sharing malware. Davis noted in the blog that many times, when scammers get shut down, they don’t give up, but find ways to continue to spread spam. He believes that this industrywide effort should help.

Readers: Have you ever been victimized by a scam on Facebook? What are some other ways that Facebook could make the web safer?