Facebook SPMD AdParlor Boosts Analytics Offerings

By Mary C. Long 

AdParlorCrossPlatformAnalytics650Are you looking for a way to maximize your spend on Facebook advertising? AdParlor might be just what you’re looking for. Its newly launched social advertising platform provides robust reports and just oh so many metrics to help inform your efforts. And not only does it hold the coveted Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer status with Facebook — it’s a preferred partner on Twitter, too. Cross-platform analytics, here you come!

So what’s the big deal about AdParlor? Well, it promises to make your ads more effective through targeting and optimization of creative elements, for one.

How? Well, its PMD status comes with these friend benefits:

    • Bulk uploading
    • Real-time marketing
    • Mobile LTV optimization
    • Report with custom tags
    • Advanced targeting options
    • Custom and segmentation reporting

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 8.06.57 PM

And its detailed reporting on every campaign is the stuff of legend, including custom and segmentation reporting. Director of Ad Operations Paul Van Winssen said:

Having access to both custom and segmentation reporting allows traffickers the freedom to optimize delivery for reach (by putting multiple countries or genders in one ad, for example) but still report back to clients on all relevant dimensions.

But the best part (to me) has to be its automation, powered by its “rules-based decision engine.” It allows you to “examine campaign and ad performance and have the system automatically respond and perform bulk actions on your behalf,” including:

The self-service platform allows brands to manage campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter from a single login. Or, for those with more challenging campaigns (and larger budgets), AdParlor offers a managed service.

The big question is: Why not just use Facebook’s (or Twitter’s) native advertising capabilities? Well, the problem with native advertising in social is scale. Running campaigns across multiple social ad networks is tough because they use their own unique native ad units. For most companies, you can’t drive the scale you want at the ROI you need. But now you can.

Advertisers: Will you check AdParlor out?