Adobe Touts Successful Beta-Test Of Facebook Exchange With Adobe Media Optimizer

By David Cohen 

Facebook Exchange has been taking a beating on Wall Street, but the real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform has made a believer out of Adobe Systems, which reported strong results from a beta test with its Adobe Media Optimizer integrated advertising platform.

Adobe said in a post on its Digital Marketing Blog that it ran a beta test of eight real-time bidded-supply sources, including FBX, and it found that FBX delivered conversion rates 70 percent above the average, and costs per lead 50 percent lower, coming in second overall.

The Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer said in the blog post:

By enabling customers to set an objective (“conversion goal”), Adobe’s ad platform optimizes campaigns across segments (audience, creative, and supply sources) and their different permutations to meet that objective. Strong performance during the beta program resulted in Media Optimizer shifting spend to FBX, delivering a higher percentage of impressions against better performing segments in FBX. Adobe’s optimization of FBX resulted in 32 percent of one beta campaign’s impressions being delivered from FBX alone during the first month of the beta.

As a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer of Facebook, Adobe is working closely with Facebook to develop ad solutions that leverage Facebook’s marketing products and Adobe’s cross-channel optimization and attribution capabilities to benefit our customers. Adobe offers the only demand-side platform that has been designated an SPMD by Facebook and that offers robust search bid management and optimization capabilities with attribution analysis across search, social, and display campaigns. Stay tuned for more updates around Media Optimizer and cross-channel attribution to maximize return on ad spend.

Readers: What did you think of Adobe’s findings?