How to Read Facebook Messages Without Their Senders Finding Out

By David Cohen 

AdBlockPlusMessageNoSeenIndicator650Browser extension Adblock Plus does more than just block advertising on Facebook: It can help users avoid answering messages they would prefer to ignore.

The new feature allows Facebook users to view messages without the senders of those messages seeing the social network’s indication that those messages were read.

Adblock Plus explained in a blog post:

You know how you’re able to see that someone has “seen” your message on Facebook? If you’ve ever wanted others not to be informed about when/if you’ve read their Facebook messages, Adblock Plus has a new solution for you.

By displaying the “seen” message, you know that the person you’ve sent the message to has read the message. Take the example below:


But what if you don’t want them to know you’ve read their message? Why? Well, to use the example above, let’s just say that Bruce is my boss. And it’s Saturday. Maybe in response to my innocent question, he thinks of something I should do, and instead of responding with helpful film hints, he asks me to work.

Bummer, right? Well, if I have this feature enabled, Bruce never knows if I’ve read his message or not.

Notice that Bruce above does not see that I’ve read his message — but I have! So I can go out and watch a new flick, and Bruce is none the wiser. Nifty, eh?

Readers: Do you use Adblock Plus or any similar browser extensions?