Facebook Streamlines Ad Creation Process

By Justin Lafferty 

Trying to figure out how to create a winning Facebook ad? The social network wants to make that process easier. Facebook announced Thursday that it has redesigned the ad creation tool to make it simpler for people and companies to create ads and sponsored stories that work closer to their stated goals, whether it’s just to get more likes or to promote page posts.

Here’s just a snippet of the new layout (click here to see the full design):

These new changes allow a cleaner flow, allowing administrators to state their goal for the ad (as shown above), as well as to target an audience based on location, age, gender, precise interests, relationship status, and more. Facebook noted that there are no changes to the application-programming interface, and that this is just a front-end design change. This will also give advertisers a better understanding of how their sponsored stories will appear in users’ news feeds.

A Facebook spokesperson explained the page’s renovation to AllFacebook:

We’ve seen that ads and sponsored stories, when combined, provide the most impact for advertisers. This is because ads can help people connect to pages, and, once they connect, sponsored stories can drive the distribution of those connections to more people …┬áToday’s changes to the ad create flow makes the entire process of creating, optimizing, and measuring ad campaigns easier through objective-based recommendations.

Readers: If you manage a page, are you happy with these changes?