Accusations Mount Against Tech Power Broker Michael Arrington

By Cameron Scott 

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Via Wikimedia Commons

It began with a Facebook status update from an ex-girlfriend, alleging that he had beaten her. Gossip blog Gawker picked up the post, confirming that the woman, Jenn Allen, had dated investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Then Allen charged that Arrington had raped a friend of hers in the comments section of the Gawker post.

Today, another respected figure in tech, Jason Calacanis, who has worked with Arrington, wrote a long Facebook status update of his own, giving credence to Allen’s allegations.

(Developer and tech blogger Loren Feldman also posted a vlog backing Allen’s allegations, but without any first-hand information.)

Calacanis referred to a former friend, “A brilliant mind, a great writer and funny… but with a dark edge.”

Calacanis didn’t name Arrington, but a source close to the matter has confirmed that Arrington was the man described.

Calacanis and Arrington ceased to be friends and co-workers after Calacanis received what he describes as a “sucker punch.”

“The good times and success we had together was quickly erased by threats to me, my friends and my partners,” Calacanis wrote.

“Then story after horrific story of unimaginable behavior were told to me in private and I said nothing … Now all those stories are coming out publicly and there is no victory for anyone involved. Seeing the bully finally meet his demise is just sad,” he wrote.

Feldman criticized the tech media for not covering the story. (Arrington is an investor in TechCrunch and Pando Daily and helped TechMeme get its start.)

“It’s not important just for the shock value, it’s important about how we treat women in this country, and more specifically women in tech,” he said in his vlog. “Women in tech have it horrible. And despite Ms. Sandberg and Ms. Mayer and their success and Ms. Whitman over at HP, there’s still a long way to go for women in tech.”