Abine Helps Users Tell Facebook, ‘DoNotTrackMe’

By David Cohen 

DoNotTrackMe650Privacy software provider Abine is targeting Facebook users who were upset by its announcement last week that it will enhance its ad targeting by factoring in data from websites and applications outside of the social network with its release of DoNotTrackMe.

The privacy solution is available free-of-charge via Abine’s website, and the company said it has already blocked more than 10 billion Facebook button tracking attempts, adding that features of DoNotTrackMe include:

  • Blocking all major data-collection companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, from tracking users’ Web-surfing behavior.
  • Using its Masked Email technology to protect users’ email addresses.

Abine CEO Rob Shavell said in a release announcing DoNotTrackMe:

It is crazy for anyone to allow Facebook to collect their browsing history when they’re not even logged into Facebook. The idea that one company should be trusted to know about our friends and family and then also everything we do online is insane.

Readers: Would you consider trying out a privacy tool like DoNotTrackMe?