Facebook To Admins: Don’t Forget Abandoned Pages

By Justin Lafferty 

While you may have forgotten about a page you created a year ago because it didn’t quite go viral, Facebook hasn’t. Our sister blog, Inside Facebook, reports that the company has been e-mailing page administrators who haven’t interacted in a while.

Inside Facebook notes that while there are more than 42 million pages on Facebook with 10 or more likes, many pages are deserted after they fail to gain much of a following. In some cases, people who create a page on Facebook don’t really have much social networking know-how to build and sustain momentum.

Facebook took similar action earlier this year, as it began reminding users of pages they haven’t visited in a while. The network, as it’s nearing the twilight of its potential reach in the United States, is now pushing for more engagement and sharing among people who are already on Facebook.

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Here’s a screenshot of one such e-mail Facebook has sent out to page admins, courtesy of Inside Facebook’s Brittany Darwell:

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.