Facebook Commerce Platform 8thBridge Graphite Integrated With EBay’s GSI Commerce

By David Cohen 

Social commerce platform 8thBridge Graphite from 8thBridge is now fully integrated with the Web store, technology, marketing services, and agency services of eBay-owned GSI Commerce, the two companies announced.

The addition of social commerce technology from 8thBridge will allow GSI Commerce clients to:

  • Better engage with their customers and brand advocates.
  • Build immediate and long-term communal value to drive loyalty.
  • Use social media as a direct and indirect sales channel.
  • Access rich social media insights.

8thBridge Founder and CEO Wade Gerten said:

GSI Commerce processes more than $4 billion in gross merchandise value and services hundreds of the world’s largest ecommerce operations, including Aeropostale, Toys ”R” Us, Bath & Body Works, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the National Football League, Estée Lauder, Sports Authority, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and many more. GSI will be reselling the 8thBridge Graphite social commerce platform to its clients.

The integrated offering makes it very easy for GSI’s clients to create social shopping experiences on their websites and then monetize the social data produced with their existing marketing systems. To give just one example, a customer identified as highly influential by 8thBridge’s technology could be presented with rewards for referring friends on the ecommerce site, on Facebook, on publisher websites, as well as email.

This is a long-term strategic partnership for both GSI and us at 8thBridge. We are in the process of evaluating broader future integrations including Magento to support ecommerce businesses of all sizes, PepperJam for social reward payment processing, and MBS for database marketing.

GSI Commerce Chief Strategy Officer Reuben Hendell added:

For the first time, social engagement and commerce capabilities are available across GSI’s connected consumer experience, enabling earned value creation and revenue generation, all grounded with powerful analytics. Our partnership with 8thBridge, the only company to have cracked the social commerce code, moves social commerce from the top of the purchasing funnel through the entire funnel, and allows GSI to weave social functionality throughout our commerce ecosystems as a true performance channel.