8 Tools For Updating Facebook Offsite

By Brian Ward Comment

Applications for receiving Facebook updates and notifications without having to keep the site open in a browser keep coming out. Here are eight tools doing exactly that. Check out the list, and be sure to comment with any you think we’ve missed.

Flip Toast

Be notified of the latest action in your News Feed, post updates, leave comments, and even upload photos directly from your desktop with Flip Toast. The team is extremely interactive on the application’s page found here; if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


Seesmic‘s desktop application offers a plugin that allows for direct access to Facebook, among a vast list of other networks that are also included. This service works on PCs and Macs.


This desktop application, as is a similar theme to many of these services, integrates your various social network profiles into a condensed user-friendly program. With Sobees, you will have access to all components of Facebook if you choose to access the official page in your browser less frequently.


Receive instant notification alerts that appear on the screen of your computer in real time look by downloading fbquick. The desktop application ensures users will never be behind on an update, even when navigating through other tasks on the computer.

Fishbowl for Facebook

As a Microsoft Windows-based application, Fishbowl For Facebook turns your entire experience on the social network into an easy-to-use desktop alternative to the web browser site. To download the application, click here.

Facebook Desktop

A second application for Windows users is the Facebook Desktop. Receive a pop-up notifications on the bottom of your screen with the app, and have access to your profile in a convenient window available at anytime on the main screen of your computer.


F!acedeck presents your social profile in a nifty design. Keep current on the activities of your friends, the latest pictures, and never miss a beat on your News Feed as your Facebook page will be just a click away.


A popular service of choice for social media fanatics is . Though its name may suggest that it is primarily a Twitter-based application, TweetDeck‘s desktop browser makes it easy to stay connected with the world surrounding Facebook without even visiting the website.

Readers, have you tried any of these applications yet and if so, which is your favorite?