7 Most Notorious — and Hated — Internet Innovations [Infographic]

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment

For those of us with access, the Internet is a new frontier of global connectivity, always-on sharing and a deluge of information. Many of the innovations from the internet, including social media and online video, have been well received. There are others, however, that most people could do without.

According to Internet research website StudyWeb.com, email spam is among the most hated Internet innovations all time. The first ever email spam was just a message sent from the marketing manager of an early computer manufacturer. He just wanted to sell computers. Now we call this kind of message email marketing and there are all sorts of compliance rules in place to ensure marketers aren’t spamming consumers.

But email spam isn’t even the most hated Internet innovation. That prize goes to pop-up ads. Pop-up ads used to be taboo and we even built entire systems for blocking those ads. Yet despite how much we hate pop-up ads, go to almost any website and you’ll be bombarded with any number of messages covering the content asking you to subscribe or take a survey.

Check out the infographic below to learn what the other most notorious innovations of the Internet age are.