50 Media Personalities To Follow On Facebook

By Julie D. Andrews 

The timing is uncanny, isn’t it? Shortly after the Twittersphere was aflame with a list of top 100 social media experts to follow on that social network, up popped this nifty list from The Huffington Post, offering suggestions for 50 bright stars of media to follow on Facebook in a nifty click-through slideshow.

Among notables ranking on the list, long-established household journalists such as Barbara Walters (pictured), Diane Sawyer, Fareed Zakaria, and Nicholas Kristof (who recently celebrated a birthday, which we know thanks to the social network’s informing us) mesh with newer shining stars of the social media realm, including Brian Stelter, Columbia’s Dean Sree Sreenivasan (whose courses in social media yours truly have taken and benefited from), and Anna M. Gonzalez.

Of course, Arianna Huffington placed on the list, as No. 50.

Man, oh man, do we love watching the fires of break-neck competition stoke content creation.

Not only is the list piggybacking on a list, but since Facebook offered its subscribe button in September 2011 it allows you to follow (Twitter, did you hear that?) people even if you are not linked through the social network as friends. The concept has yet to take off with users, though. Perhaps this will add the desired jolt of users clicking to subscribe.

Perhaps this is also what is prompting Time Inc. to speed up its long-going drafting of a social media policy that “will be released soon,” and was recently reported by WWD.

Watchdog to the watchdog, more members of the public are sure to start following their favorite media darlings and, from time to time, to uncover their gaffes. Every action has a reaction, and we’re keeping our eyes on this ever-changing, ever-exciting beat called social media.