5 Ways to Use Social Media on Super Bowl Sunday

By Devon Glenn 

The Super Bowl isn’t just for television viewers. You can use social media to plan your entire Sunday, including betting pools, tailgate parties, commercials, second screen fun, and of course, the puppy bowl. Get out your phone and brace yourself for the following mega-list of social media tools for watching the final NFL game of the season.

1. Betting Pools

Social media can help you win your office pool, if you know where to look. This infographic from Sysomos breaks down each team and player by their popularity on social media, as well as which Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and hashtags to follow for news and tips.

For real-time updates on how each team is doing on social media, check out the Super Bowl XLVII Tracker, the official social media command center of the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee. HootSuite, the host committee, and FSC Interactive put together this sophisticated sentiment analysis of social media posts surrounding the game.

2. Tailgate Parties

Google Maps has indoor and outdoor maps of stadiums and airports to help ticket holders navigate the crowded parking lots and long lines to hopefully find some beer and peanuts.

Pinterest has the snack department covered with enticing images of nachos, sandwiches, and other recipes to make football more palatable.

3. Commercials

Once a year, advertising is elevated to an art form as brands compete to air the most memorable 30 seconds on game day (outside of the actual game).

This year the YouTube Ad Blitz channel, in partnership with Adweek, will share all of the commercials online as soon as they’re aired on television.

Hulu, in partnership with Ad Age, will also be showing the Super Bowl commercials live in its AdZone. Right now, the site is filled with teasers and funny ads from previous years.

Will web videos one day trump television commercials? In this ad from Adobe, a talking chimp schools a talking horse on why video commercials are much better (and less expensive) than a 30-second Super Bowl slot.

4. Second Screen Fun

Tumblr is keeping track of everything Super Bowl-related under the #superbowl hashtag. The team has promised “PizzanachospizzanachosDorito grindersBeyonce being amazingThe Puppy Bowl47 layer dip7 layer cake bars, and totally amazing football-bedazzled nails. And some football.” Hopefully there will also be memorable celebration dances in the form of animated GIFs.

Even the commercials are gamified now. GetGlue has teamed up with Hulu on a second screen experience within a second screen experience. GetGlue users can check in to the Super Bowl ads online to earn stickers and compete for prizes, including a free subscription to Hulu Plus.

5. The Puppy Bowl

Watch professional paw-ballers move chew toys around a tiny field in the cutest game ever played. Animal Planet is giving human sporting events a run for their money with the Puppy Bowl IX, which also includes a kitty halftime show and hedgehog cheerleaders. What, no ravens?

For more puppy action, viewers can follow along on Yahoo’s IntoNow app, which will sync with the Puppy Bowl on game day.