5 Reasons the New Gmail Is Not as Bad as You Think

By christinamajaski 

The Internet changes by the second, but there is one thing you can count on to never change: no matter what the upgrade or new feature is, no matter how fantastic it might make your life, someone is going to throw a fit and demand that x company change it back or they are leaving. Forever. Which is pretty much what happened when Gmail added its new tabs. For most people, the change wasn’t really a big deal. In fact, believe it or not, some people, actually liked the new changes. Here are 5 reasons the  new Gmail doesn’t suck as much as people think.

1.  Fewer ads. Even though Groupon is stalking you.

The ads from Target, Groupon, ShoeDazzle, and all of the other retailers you have been meaning to unsubscribe from but haven’t, appear magically under the Promotions tab. This is nice because you can choose to look at them later without having to weed through them to get to your important emails. You may actually shop less if you ignore that tab altogether. Retailers know this, by the way, and have been sending out SOS messages letting you know you might miss out on something tragically important if you don’t move them over to the Primary tab. Nice try guys, but no thanks.

2.  Move email messages to the Primary tab. If you want to.

Sure, some of your messages may appear under the wrong tab and wreak havoc on your inbox. Fortunately, if this happens, you simply need to move the message to the tab it should appear in, by right-clicking on the email, hovering over “move to tab”, and then choosing the tab you want the email to appear in. Or, you can just drag and drop the message. At the top, you’ll see a message that says “do this for future messages from ___@__.com?” (Here, you’ll click ‘yes’).

3.  Round Up Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin notifications. For whatever.

Until we figure out if we will ever need every notification that Ben tagged you on Facebook, or Susan updated her skills on LinkedIn, we can store them all under the Social tab. If you happen to have all of your social media notifications turned off, you probably won’t have anything in this tab anyway. For the rest of us who suffer from unrealistic attachment to email disorders, it’s a lifesaver.

4.  Delete the whole tab to clean up mail.

If you’re like me, you’re hanging on to a bunch of email messages just because you think you may need every one of those 60,000 messages one day. Anyone who has ever tried to go through and clean up a mailbox with thousands of messages will tell you it’s downright exhausting and usually ends up a failed mission after the first couple pages. The new tabs however, allow the opportunity to delete literally thousands of emails in one fell swoop. You will never need that Best Buy ad from 2010. I promise.

5.  You can change back to old Gmail.

As a last resort, and if you just can’t see the awesomeness of the new Gmail, you do have the option to revert back to the old style, sans tabs. To change your mail box back to old Gmail, click the “+” at the end of the tab headings and uncheck every tab box except for the one that says “Primary”. This is also how you get rid of any of the individual tabs – Forums – for example, that you don’t use. If, later on, you decide that new Gmail really is awesome and want to change it back, select the cog settings button and choose “configure inbox”.

Everyone has their reasons for not liking change. Before making the decision that something is complicated, awful, and will ruin your entire life, try out the new changes and see if it’s actually better. Most of the time, you’ll forget you’re using the new version. Until the next big change, which completely ruins your life.

Image by gpointstudio.