4C Acquires Television Analytics Firm Teletrax

By Justin Lafferty Comment


4C, a Facebook Marketing Partner, announced Thursday the acquisition of Teletrax from Civolution.

Teletrax provides solutions for real-time television analytics and cross-screen synchronized marketing campaigns. The companies will operate under the 4C brand, which now constitutes more than 140 employees in eight locations around the world.

Currently, 4C offers advertising across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram through certified API access. 4C also offers a measurement and planning solution that improves TV advertising by providing insight into the behavior of 1.5 billion unique social media users across 250,000 interest categories, 50,000 brands, 6,000 TV programs, and 41 languages.

4C’s CMO, Aaron Goldman, commented on the acquisition to SocialTimes:

Media convergence has been happening for quite some time but marketing technology has not caught up. Studios and networks are pushing content across channels and people are consuming it across devices. But there’s still a gap when it comes to delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. And an even bigger gap when it comes to tracking that activity and measuring the impact. We’re on a mission to plug those gaps and the combination of 4C and Teletrax brings us one step closer to making it happen. Teletrax has the world’s largest TV monitoring infrastructure and 4C has the world’s largest map of social media affinities. Together, our data science and workflow solutions will power true multi-channel, multi-screen marketing.

Teletrax offers monitoring of over 2,100 channels across 76 countries for both program content and advertisements. In addition, Teletrax offers TV synced ads, which identifies commercials within three seconds of broadcast and triggers digital campaigns for synchronization and/or competitive response.

Alex Terpstra, Civolution’s CEO, is excited about the acquisition:

We could not be more excited about the combination of 4C and Teletrax. Both companies share a vision for the future of advertising and offer best-in-class software solutions. Teletrax clients will soon enjoy 4C’s unique ability to unlock the power of social connections in driving advertising effectiveness, while 4C’s clients gain access to our real-time TV analytics and TV synced advertising offerings. It truly is a win-win for everyone involved.