3 Pins that Work on Pinterest

By Devon Glenn 

Pinterest is one of few social networks where marketers actually contribute some of the site’s best and most-shared content. A few months after Pinterest was declared the third most popular social network in America, brands like Food Network, Martha Stewart, and even McDonald’s seem to be settling in and having a good time on the virtual pinboard. Here are three types of pins that work.

1. Food


Pinterest users love projects, and nothing is more universal than food. Lost Remote learned this secret for creating a recipe board from the Food Network:

The Food Network’s Let’s Watch board is defining a real-time social TV strategy for using Pinterest. The board promotes new shows and recipes, and the network’s seeing that the talent-centric pins tend to get a lot of engagement. And the recipe-centric pins attract a lot of repins because users typically have a “recipe” board that they want to fill with content.

The Food Network has always been great about supplying recipes online. The network’s website has a tool for finding food by occasion, meal, or ingredients. On Pinterest, the board highlights what’s new and what’s next. “Never knew that we could get the contestants cupcake recipes online,” wrote one commenter in response to a recipe from Cupcake Wars. “yum yum…my whole family watch this show.”

Few people have a celebrity at their disposal to add to the pin, but it’s not hard to come up with an interesting recipe. More from Lost Remote’s report here.

2. Nostalgia

Source: flickr.com via McDonald’s on Pinterest




It’s hard to remember, but there was a time in recent history when the Internet did not exist. So when a familiar face from the past turns up on Pinterest, it gets a lot of attention. Lizzie Roscoe, who manages the Pinterest page for McDonald’s, told Mashable:

“The most popular pin on the McDonalds’s Corp. board right now is a photo of a hand puppet of a four-armed Grimace! The image is fun, nostalgic, very unique to McDonalds’s. It’s part of our company’s marketing history… Grimace originated as a four-armed, milkshake thief! This image, and images like it, are ideal pins for our company, as they are fun representations of our brand.”

Even if you’re selling burgers, it’s okay to pin things that people associate with your brand other than food. (No one knows what kind of creature Grimace is, but we know where he gets his milkshakes.) Get more tips from marketing pros here.

3. Arts & Crafts

People love getting craft ideas from Pinterest, especially when they come with instructions. But if you’ve already got a popular brand, why not get some tips from your fans? Martha Stewart, who is all over the tangible world of crafts, just released a new CraftStudio app where you can create your own greeting cards with your iPad, which you can either print from home, through Snapfish, or share online.

To get Martha fans to try it out, the company is hosting a contest on Pinterest to see who can come up with the best designs. The prizes are a HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275 printer that you can print photos with from your iPad using AirPrint technology, a gift card from Snapfish, or an assortment of crafting tools from Martha Stewart. The winners will also be featured on the Martha Stewart Pinterest page. (Official rules here.)

We’ll be posting an AppSlap review of Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio app soon. Stay tuned!

Image by Annmarie Young via Shutterstock.