2Q EARNINGS: Buy Button Test Doesn’t Mean Facebook Wants to Be a Seller

By David Cohen 

BuyButton650Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg emphasized while discussing the social network’s recently announced test of a buy button during its second-quarter earnings call Wednesday that the aim is to streamline the transaction process for sellers, and not for Facebook to become a seller.

In response to a question from JPMorgan Analyst Douglas Anmuth, Sandberg said:

So, on the buy button, we launched a small test in the U.S. only, which enables people to hit a buy button on pages or in page post ads on Facebook. It streamlines the process of buying from our clients. No one is buying from us. We’re just streamlining the process of buying from our clients. I think commerce is really important and is a growing important part of our business as all marketer segments are growing. But I don’t think people should confuse that with Facebook selling things directly. The more people buy online, the more people buy things they discover through their mobile phones, the more people discover things from News Feed and go on to purchase, the more important we are in driving e-commerce, and I think we are increasingly important. That doesn’t mean we’re going to or have to sell products.

Readers: Have you seen Facebook’s buy button in action yet?