2013 Honda Civic Social Gaming Campaign Driven By MediaBrix, SongPop, Facebook

By David Cohen 

Mobile social advertising solution MediaBrix and SongPop, the hit social and mobile game from FreshPlanet, are helping to fuel a social gaming advertising campaign to promote the launch of the 2013 Honda Civic.

Set to launch Sunday in order to coincide with the Grammy Awards, the centerpiece of the campaign is the first-ever branded playlist on SongPop by an automaker, which includes songs by artists featured on commercials for the Civic.

Video ads for the Honda Civic sedan, Si coupe, and hybrid models will be featured during game play, and Honda playlists created by users will be shared on their timelines. Clicking on the video ads will drive SongPop players to the website for the Honda Civic.

MediaBrix Chief Revenue Officer Todd Bowman said:

Honda recognizes that rather than interrupting the user experience, they can reach consumers through social gaming advertising, which adds value and heightened levels of engagement, and brings any event to life. Today, social mobile gaming has surpassed what television and other forms of digital advertising can offer. MediaBrix has seen campaigns that have outperformed automotive online normative averages by nine times. That’s why launching this campaign on SongPopthe top-ranked game of 2012 — is perfect.

Readers: Have you ever clicked through ads served to you while playing social games on your mobile devices?