12% of Political Campaign Budgets Will Be Spent on Digital Media in 2012 [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

Out of the projected $9 billion that will be spent on political campaigns for the 2012 presidential elections, 12 percent of the funds will be devoted to digital media, according to research compiled by the digital performance agency iProspect. This infographic shows how the money is spent in social, search, and mobile channels across the country.

Social networks offer candidates a chance for social validation and word of mouth marketing, at least in theory. According to iProspect,¬† 38 percent of people who use social networks said that they learned things about their friends’ political leanings that they didn’t know before, and not necessarily good things – 10 percent of them have blocked, unfriended or hidden a friend because he or she posted too frequently about political topics.

But awareness is important, especially in the swing states. Inside the infographic is a map of where the bulk of those campaign dollars are most likely to be spent, as well as some demographic information on each candidate’s biggest fans.

The chart also takes a look at two people who are often overlooked in these types of analyses: the prospective first ladies. While Governor Mitt Romney has a solid follower base of 1.5 million people on Twitter, Ann Romney is trailing behind him at 133,000 followers. Michelle Obama, by comparison, has 1.8 million followers – more than Ann Romney and Governor Romney combined. President Barack Obama has the most followers by far at 20.9 million.

To see how they fared on Facebook and other stats, take a look at the infographic below.