112th Congress Makes House Activities More Accessible To Constituents On YouTube

By Megan O'Neill Comment

New House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa says, “Our founding fathers believed a healthy American government would depend on active, informed American citizens.” Issa is opening up a new channel for keeping American citizens informed and it’s none other than YouTube. The 112th Congressional House Oversight Committee will be the first Congress ever to make all committee hearings available on YouTube – They’re calling it ‘Oversight In HD’. You can already watch everything else on YouTube – uploading Congress seems like the next logical step!

Issa announced the new HouseResourceOrg YouTube channel in a video uploaded to YouTube yesterday. I’m not sure where he is looking during half the shots, or what’s going on with the 80s after school special music in the background, but this is about becoming more informed citizens, not production value, right? Anyway, Issa says, “My million is to shape a government where you can see – hassle-free – what Washington actually does with your money.” I think it sounds like a fantastic idea.

In addition to uploading all of the current House committee hearings to YouTube, hundreds of hours of archived content will also be uploaded. They want to release every singe committee hearing starting in 2009 and going forward on YouTube. Transcripts are also being uploaded along with the videos, which means they will all be captioned and can be auto-translated into more than 50 languages so Americans from all over the world can watch and understand in their native languages.

In making its way onto YouTube, the House Oversight Committee joins a variety of U.S. House Representatives and Senators as well. You can find your Senator’s YouTube channel on the YouTube Senate Hub and your Representative’s channel on the House Hub.

What do you think of the idea of following politics and the day-to-day meetings and goings on of Congress? Do you think you’ll be tuning in to watch Oversight in HD?