Facebook Tops 100M MAUs In India

By David Cohen 

IndiaFlag650India became the second country to top the 100 million-user mark on Facebook, joining the U.S., Vice President of Growth and Analytics Javier Olivan told The Economic Times, saying that the milestone was reached March 31.

Olivan also told the business newspaper that 84 million of its 100 million monthly active users in India access the social network via mobile devices.

He added that Facebook was able to jump from 1 million MAUs in India to 10 million by optimizing its product, such as eliminating its former requirement of an email address from an American college, and its leap from 10 million MAUs to 100 million was fueled by improving the experience on low-end devices, such as feature phones, and by adding languages.

Facebook is not satisfied with 100 million MAUs in India, however, Olivan told The Economic Times, citing 1 billion MAUs in the country as a target and saying:

That (1 billion) is a different focus and challenge. For 1 billion, we need easy connectivity, the biggest challenge of our generation.

Readers: Do you think Facebook can eventually reach 1 billion MAUs in India?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.