10 YouTube Videos That Prove That Santa Exists

By Megan O'Neill Comment

One of the hottest topics of debate this time of year is the question of whether or not Santa Claus is real. I like to keep hope alive during the holiday season, so I’ve taken to the YouTube streams to find proof that Santa exists. Believers – share these videos with your children, friends and non-believers to spread the word. Santa is real!

Santa Sighting on Security Camera – 12/25/2006

Here’s a great video of footage captured by a security camera in the wee hours of the night on Christmas Eve, 2006. It shows Santa dropping a bag of presents from the roof, jumping down to get the bag and then heading off to deliver toys to neighborhood boys and girls.

Santa Drives SUV

Santa isn’t only discoverable on Christmas Eve, up in the air with his sleigh. Here’s a video of a family discovering Santa driving around in a minivan before his night of hard work. He must be giving his reindeer a break, letting them rest before Christmas.

I found the REAL Santa Clause in North Carolina

Everyone thinks that Santa lives in the North Pole, but they should have been looking in North Carolina. The audio on this video is a little bit difficult to make out, but there’s no denying – this guy is Santa! He’s even got the ID to prove it!

Santa Claus Sighting by little girl

This little girl saw Santa with her own eyes. In this video she gives her personal account, describing exactly what happened. He was wearing a red suit and he waved to her. If you can’t believe this little girl, who can you believe?

The Real Santa Claus Caught On Video

Here’s a video taken early Christmas morning. Santa Claus materializes in front of the fireplace at 1:04am, following the sound of bells and reindeer hooves on the rooftop.

Santa! Santa Sighting in Night Sky

Back in 1963, pilots flying across the United States spotted a mysterious object flying around. They couldn’t figure out what it was until they noticed a sleigh with nine reindeer flying past the windows of one of the planes with Santa waving from the drivers seat!

Proof that Santa is real

This family set up a hidden video camera to catch Santa Claus in action. He arrives, but unfortunately the family doesn’t get the best view cause he places a present right down in front of the camera!

Santa is Real: Caught on Tape 2006

If you still don’t believe, check out this convincing video of Santa’s sleigh flying over a house on Christmas Eve!

Real Santa Caught On Tape

And here’s more security camera footage of Santa. This time, he’s arriving at a house in Monterrey, Mexico and putting presents under the Christmas tree.

Garner Santa sighting

Finally, check out this footage from the infamous Garner expedition to the North Pole. Sure enough, there’s Santa!