10 Things NBC’s ‘Today’ Learned From A Rare Step Into The Limelight By Priscilla Chan

By David Cohen 

PriscillaChanSavannahGuthrie650Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan has kept a low profile, but she gave her first-ever television interview, to Savannah Guthrie, which aired on NBC’s “Today” Friday morning, and “Today” pointed out 10 things that were learned about Chan during the interview:

  1. Chan has no issues with her husband’s “hoodie” habit, as long as the hoodies are clean and not worn to events such as weddings.
  2. Education is “an incredibly personal issue” for her.
  3. She “was really uptight” while growing up.
  4. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Cantonese.
  5. She was voted “class genius” in high school.
  6. She wants to become a mother one day.
  7. She and Zuckerberg love taking care of their Hungarian Sheepdog, Beast.
  8. She finds it odd that people are curious about her, telling Guthrie, “I’m just someone who’s training to be a doctor.”
  9. The first time she met Zuckerberg was while waiting in line for the bathroom at a fraternity party at Harvard University.
  10. She wishes more people could see Zuckerberg the way she sees him.

For much more, please see this post from “Today,” as well as the video below.

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Photo courtesy of NBC, “Today.”