10 Pinterest Pages to Help You Get Ready for Back to School

By katy 

The end of summer, back-to-school routine may be the same as ever before, but thanks to the Pinterest explosion, we have a completely new source of help. Whether you’re looking for new ways to get organized, inspiration for a new academic year, or just a few tips on products to help you get through September, here are 10 Pinterest pages that will take you from stressed to blessed.

1. Suzy’s Back to School & School Ideas board is filled with 147 pins that remind us why kids can’t wait to call their friends about their homeroom assignments come August. For parents looking for fun crafts, teachers looking for fun educational games, and anyone who wants to take a time travel trip back to second grade, this board is ideal.

2. Karen Babcock’s School – Back to School board is perfect for those who love the 2D inspiration on Pinterest. It is filled with prints and posters and messages that plainly say, It’s that time of year again. Plus, her pins are filled with links to useful information and lists to get you going.

3. For something completely different, the travel-themed Scholar of the Road board by Naomi Joy reminds us of a different angle of the back to school time. Come September, we’re already to learn new things and take on that student attitude, whether or not we’re enrolled in classes. Pins like these infinity pools from Turkey definitely inspire us to look for new wonders all over again.


4. If you’re the bookworm who has always associated the return to school with words and literature, feast on School: Words by Jenny G. With everything from grammar posters to inspirational quotes, this board is a great find.

5. For another board that builds on the wordy theme with an adult twist, look to Lauren’s Scholar Inspiration. I’m a personal fan of the Fitzgerald quote currently at the top:


6. Nervous for back to school? The humor in Kayla Ford’s Because I’m a Scholar board is here to help you out. There’s nothing like a pithy phrase or two to keep you going.

7. Sometimes you need a little tradition to put the spring back in your step. If you’re looking for a reminder that people have been going back to school in high fashion since the 13th century, check out Inger Mewburn’s Oxford University board. Oxford university scenery is definitely enough to remind you that the end of summer isn’t the end of the world.

8. Of course, Pinterest is amazing for all things fashion. If you’re looking to prepare a child to step into the classroom in style, Itsy Factor’s Back to School Clothes board is adorable. Even if you just want to remember what it was like to plan your outfit for the first day ahead of time, this board is a great time travel machine.

9. Cami Conran’s Back to school, back to school… board is filled more specifically with classroom inspiration. Who wouldn’t want a storybook crossroads outside their classroom window?

10. And finally, if it’s the after-school back-to-school part that interests you most, take a peek at Amy’s Back to School board: It’s filled with treats you’ll wish you had waiting for you when you got home from the bus stop.

So what are you waiting for? Jump right into back-to-school time.