10 Influential People, 6 Hot Topics, and More Highlights From IWNY 2013

By Devon Glenn 

All throughout Internet Week in New York City, conference attendees had their cell phones out and their Twitter accounts open, hoping to record the highlights and, in the process, gain more followers and influence in their fields. Social media monitoring firm Synthesio reported this week that there were 10 sponsors, brands and agencies, and individuals at this year’s event who did just that.

Google topped the list of sponsors, while Claire Willett, marketing and development manager at Riparian Data, topped the list of individuals with her @clairedwillett Twitter handle. In the brand and agency category, @ConferenceBites won the week with a Twitter account devoted entirely to takeaway quotes from conferences like Internet Week NY.

Here are six things that people were talking about the most, according to Synthesio:

1. AOL’s IWNY event, “Are Social Media and Community Management the same thing?” generated live Tweets with quotes from the panelists, who included social media managers from Mashable, HuffPost Live,  Omaze and Billboard. “Social media management is like a bulldozer,” @tamcdonald was quoted as saying; “community management is like a magnet.”

2. Tweets of controversy erupted when Mashable announced that it will finally change its Twitter avatar from Pete Cashmore’s face to Mashable’s new logo. (It’s a great picture of Mr. Cashmore, but for some, his constant presence in the Twitter feed was unnerving.)

3. Joan Rivers, who packed the house with her keynote speech, became one of the most quotable speakers at the conference when she said, among other things, “justin bieber’s an a-hole.”

4. Digg CEO Andrew McLaughlin generated some buzz with his announcement of an upcoming Google Reader replacement called Digg Reader that will be an add-on rather than a stand-alone app.

5. Google announced its plans to make email marketing more social with Google+.


6. Shane Smith, CEO of Vice Media, shared Tweetable advice to old media pros in his keynote speech.


“Most of the IWNY top influencers’ on-topic tweets around IWNY shared the same characteristics – they used the event’s relevant hashtags, provided useful information about the event, and live tweeted thought-provoking, sharable quotes during sessions,” said Synthesio CEO Loic Moisand. “The top influencers engaged with one another, sharing and retweeting each other’s live tweets and content around the event.”

The top influencers were chosen according to Synthesio’s influence ranking system, which measures a website’s or user’s influence on any topic, event, or brand on Twitter based on the number of on-topic tweets, total tweets, followers, following, and the number of times they’ve been listed. Synthesio collected more than 18,000 Tweets mentioning IWNY between May 20th and May 27th 2013 and analyzed them in real time to come up with the results. And the most influential handles were: