10 Crazy Things People Say Right Before They Realize They’re Completely Addicted to Facebook

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

If you’ve ever said “I’m not addicted to Facebook!” or “Yes! 2000 friends!” then you probably should read this article and figure out whether you’re addicted or not to the king of social networking, Facebook.  Our international team of stalkers, I mean experts, has searched the world to determine the 10 crazy things people say right before they realize they’re completely addicted to Facebook.

1) “I’m not addicted to Facebook!”
If you’re answering someone who’s accusing you of being addicted to Facebook, you probably are!  Think closely about how much time you spend on it, how much you use it.
2) “OMG this is so going to be my profile pic tomorrow!”
I’ve heard this hundreds of times at great parties. Someone takes a photo of a person in a funny situation or looking pretty hot.  As soon as they’ve run over to review the phoot, they squeal out this sentence before they can think about it.  But as soon as they say it, a quizzical look flashes across their eyes… “Do I think about Facebook all day?”  The answer is yes, people, it’s yes.
3) “I can’t leave the computer right now!  I gotta find out if someone tags me in a photo from last night!”
It’s early on Saturday morning, and are you waiting up, hung over after last night’s great party, making sure that nobody’s going to tag you in a terrible photo?  Are you checking every 5 minutes to make sure?  You’re addicted to Facebook!  Go drink some water and pop an advil.
4) “Facebook’s actually pretty important to the human race if you think about it.”
I’ve heard people ardently defending Facebook for many reasons.  But out of that group, there are a few people that defend it way too hard.  They explain how it’s vital to our growth as a species.  Cool it, OK?  You’re just addicted to Facebook.
5) “Yes!  2000 friends!”
No comment necessary here!  You are playing a dangerous game that has nothing to do with real friends.  Remember that!  Well, maybe not really dangerous.
6) “Bill just liked Tina’s comment on Jenna’s wall!”
If you’re ridiculously excited and talking about how one of your friends just liked another friend’s comment on yet another person’s wall, then you’re a stalker and you’re probably addicted to Facebook.  There are definitely some non-addicted folks that may be intrigued about certain comments, but if you’re getting a really high level of satisfaction out of this kind of thing, you’re totally absorbed into the Facebook world.
7) “I was going to buy 50 FrontierVille coins, but it’s a better deal if you buy 2000 so I did that!”
Addictions to Facebook games start simply, but they grow with crazy speed… They grow as fast as Zynga’s pocketbook.  And if you’re buying 2000 gold coins, I have to tell you, you’re probably addicted.
8 ) “I’m quitting Facebook.” or “I hate Facebook.”
Then they realize they can’t… because they’re addicted.  Or they realize they don’t, because they love Facebook!
9) “Forget email, just send it to me by Facebook.”
As youngsters around the world stop using email and use Facebook messaging instead, we see an older generation dropping email as well.  The second you do, you’re probably admitting your life is now on Facebook.
10) “Arrrghh!  Why don’t they have group chat on Facebook?”
If you’re that upset about this, and so dedicated to Facebook that you won’t even consider using other forms of communication (or transport to actually see your friends, for that matter), then you’re addicted!
Image courtesy of Mark D. Roberts