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How Bad Data Can Blindside Your Marketing Analytics

Big data, in and of itself, is nothing special. Everyone and anyone can collect and aggregate data. But that doesn’t mean it’s providing value. The challenge is twofold: first, ensuring […]

Twitter Users Won’t See Any More Notifications From Blocked, Muted Accounts

A new Twitter safety feature will stop users from receiving notifications about replies to conversations started by users they've blocked or muted, unless the replies are from people they follow.

From Snapchat Scrutiny to the Power of Earned Media, Here Are 7 Digital Stats From This Week

A new study found that 48 percent of adult Snapchat users said the app is "just a fad."

Counterfeit Goods Are a $460 Billion Industry, and Most Are Bought and Sold Online

According to the International Trademark Association, $460 billion worth of counterfeit goods were bought and sold last year, much of it online.

BuzzFeed Is Exposing Readers to Opposing Viewpoints With ‘Outside Your Bubble’ Initiative

BuzzFeed News launches new tool to encourage readers to explore other points of view.

Death of an Ogilvy Philippines Employee Sparks Renewed Debate Over Work-Life Balance at Agencies

Some spoke out on social media about the need for healthy working conditions in the industry after the brand strategist's death.

Time Marches On Through the Prism of Illustrator Tim O’Brien

"Painting this cover was like imagining a movie."

Pinterest Proves It’s Serious About Search With Its Addition of Google’s Randy Keller

Pinterest followed up its introduction of three visual discovery features last week with the addition of a former Google Search lead to oversee them as the social network’s new head of search.

This Tool Allows You to Find Social Influencers Through Image Recognition

You can discover new social influencers by searching for similar images thanks to a new tool from Dovetale.

5 Types of Activism Every Brand Should Prepare for, Even If You’re Not Taking Sides

Here are some keys to balancing value and values in today's activist economy.