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Mouth Meets Mouse

When it comes to building buzz, social media turbocharges word of mouth. So what’s the role of a “like” in engagement?

Is the mouse mightier than the mouth? That’s the debate that’s taking place in word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing circles. On the one hand, social media has altered the landscape of WOM,…

The Best of Word of Mouth

Winners of the 2011 WOMMY Awards represent the cutting edge of buzz and social marketing

Each year, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association celebrates the most effective campaigns in word of mouth with the WOMMY Awards. The winning campaigns aren’t just about creating word of…

Dialogues Are Forever

Customer reviews power word of mouth for Helzberg Diamonds

Communication, like a fine diamond, is multifaceted. Perhaps nobody knows this better than Lisa Dick, manager of online and social media for fine jewelry retailer Helzberg Diamonds. “We use real people…

Crowdtap Creates Scalable Word of Mouth

Turning crowds of influential consumers into brand advocates

Marketing is no longer just about media, but about people. To succeed, brands must seek out their top influencers and build deeper relationships with them. Turning a brand’s influential consumers…

Cut to the Conversation

A lot of time is spent thinking about social in B-to-B and B-to-C, but Airfoil Public Relations says it’s all P-to-P—person-to-person

Social networking can be a key element of a word-of-mouth campaign only if the audience actually uses it, which is why Airfoil Public Relations remains keenly attuned to the target’s…