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Gift for Gab

What marketers are doing to encourage and amplify word-of-mouth

Earlier this year, as Hasbro was planning to launch its new Nerf FireVision toys, it knew it needed to get the product into consumers’ hands to get them talking. The…

People Are Talking About Lunch And Wendy’s Is Listening

Content sharing metric from ShareThis helps attract a more engaged audience

It’s a conversation that goes on every day among friends…in offices…at home: Where do you want to go for lunch? And with more people interacting with each other over social…

Where Word-of-Mouth and Shopper Data Meet

BzzAgent’s Pulse platform shows the link between advocacy and loyalty

Anecdotally, it seems obvious that there’s a link between customer loyalty and social advocacy. But marketers often are challenged to actually connect the dots between an individual’s retail purchase history…