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Making Meaningful Connections with Women

What you think you know about women isn’t necessarily what women really think. Today’s woman hardly fits the stereotypes that have been used for generations to reach this lucrative demographic. She’s…


Publicis Groupe’s commitment to women

To understand women consumers, it helps to have an enlightened approach to helping women in their professional and personal lives. This ensures that a realistic female perspective is incorporated into…

Curious, Confident and Connected

Understand millennials and you understand the future of women consumers

When you think about millennials, think about a generation that has grown up in a world of abundance—abundance of choices and abundance of connections. This has turned today’s young women…

What It Means to Connect with Moms

The door is open for brands to reach her in innovative and fun ways

If you want to know about today’s moms, listen to what they’re saying online. What you’ll find out is that moms aren’t just sharing information and updates. They’re forming communities around…

Boom Boom Boom

Ignore older women and you miss out on one of the more vibrant consumer segments

We call them boomers, seniors and silvers. They’re the older consumers—the over 60s—who make up an increasing share of the global population. Older women in particular are redefining the way…