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PR Moves Front and Center

Whether creating movements or memes, the once tactical practice is now driving creative engagement

When it comes to marketing in 2012, it seems like every brand wants to be a storyteller. And that has been great news for public relations. It wasn’t long ago that…

Beyond Words

Public relations embraces visual storytelling

How did a small search marketing software company become the lead “analyst” on Facebook’s advertising potential? It used pictures for its PR. In the days leading up to Facebook’s IPO, there…

It’s All About the Story

Ogilvy PR looks at the science behind narrative success

Chris Graves likes to make sense of the world around him. As global CEO of Ogilvy PR, that means he not only wants to know what makes a good story,…

Emanate Takes a Measured Approach to PR

Research and planning drive the agency’s quest for relevance

When Emanate opened five years ago, its founders knew they wanted to do things a little differently. Rather than follow the typical public relations plan of measuring clips and hits,…

PR Newswire Builds Up Its Content Marketing Muscle

Reimagining the press release

The press release isn’t dead. It’s just evolved. And PR Newswire sees itself at the forefront of that evolution. Many people still associate the PR Newswire brand with distributing press releases.…

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