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Are you winning with Hispanics?

These three principles for success will make sure you do

It’s no secret. Hispanics are driving U.S. population growth. Initial 2010 Census results already prove it, showing that Hispanics account for approximately 54 percent of total population growth from 2000-2010. With eight more states waiting to…

Working the Latin Beat

Tr3s - MTV's Hispanic spinoff network - succeeds by hitting the right balance between diversity and commonality

Quiero Mis Quinces (“I Want My 15”)—one of the toprated programs on MTV’s Hispanic network, Tr3s—follows the tribulations of young Latino-American women as they prepare for their 15th birthday celebration, or quinceañera. In one wrenching episode, Jiselle,…

Full Spectrum Television

Reaching Spanish-dominant, English-dominant, and biculturals, Telemundo’s audience mirrors the U.S. Hispanic population.

When the TV network Telemundo started in Puerto Rico in 1954, its assets consisted of five cameras and two microphone booms in a studio built inside a newspaper office. Since then—and with the help of NBC’s purchase…

Agency Without Borders

GlobalWorks' multicultural campaigns hit their targets with stealth precision

There was a time when a multicultural ad campaign was a fairly straightforward piece of work. If your client wanted to sell packaged goods to Hispanics, all you had to…

The Segment Caliente

Americanized Hispanics have become more and more sexy to marketers. But how to best reach them?

An Hispanic man is chosen to sell the virtues of life insurance to a mainstream American audience in a national television spot. A young, cool, Latina talks about her love…

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Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic launched in 1994. Today, 13 media brands reach 138 million cumulative subscribers across 34 countries and territories.

Discovery Channel Latin

A New York-based advertising agency offering a full range of marketing, advertising, multicultural and digital services.


Tr3s is an American cable, satellite and over-the-air network that prides itself as a bi-cultural entertainment destination.

MTV Tr3s

mun2 is a national cable television broadcast network in the United States owned by NBC Universal and aimed at young Latinos.


Telemundo is an American television network that broadcasts in Spanish. The network is the second-largest Spanish-language content producer in the world, and the second-largest Spanish-language network in the United States.


Univision is a Spanish-language television network in the United States. It has the largest audience of Spanish language television viewers according to Nielsen ratings, largely due to telenovelas, other programming produced by Grupo Televisa, and the network's sports coverage, which consists almost exclusively of football (soccer).