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The Truth About Hispanic Consumers

Myth vs. reality

It’s a simple statistic that illustrates a great deal about the influence of Hispanics on American culture. In the 2010 U.S. Census, one in six Americans identified themselves as Hispanic,…

The Best of Both Worlds

Hispanic millennials embrace their bicultural birthright

The common road to acculturation calls for the native-born children of recent immigrants to rebuff the language and traditions of their parents in favor of the culture of the U.S.…

Real Hispanic Insights from the Census

Lopez Negrete identifies three key strategic segments

There was a clear case of “aero-loco” going on last year, and Alex López Negrete set out to do something about it. The president, CEO and chief creative officer of…

Taco Bell Gets a More Relevant Attitude

Draftfcb’s “Live Más” cross-cultural branding wants food to be fun

It’s out with “Yo quiero Taco Bell” and “Think Outside the Bun” and in with “Live Más” at Taco Bell. The chain’s new slogan, bilingual for “Live More,” heralds the…

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