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The Right Fit

Social, mobile, display, search, video. . . How marketers are choosing their digital options

When Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser, says it will be relying more on digital, it becomes clear that online marketing has changed. This past March, after P&G announced it…

Share and Share a Like

Consumers love to pass along information and marketers need to know how these deliberate acts impact brand image

When Facebook spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram earlier this year, pundits were abuzz trying to figure out why a photosharing site was worth 10 figures. Things were a little…

Improving the Agency’s View

Acquisio adds clarity to campaign performance from click to conversion

Its roots as a digital agency have ensured that Acquisio understands how important it is to reduce the amount of time and effort agencies spend tracking and reporting results. Reporting…

Hitting the Right Audience

Advanced algorithms and machine learning power AcuityAds’ demand-side platform

Matching the right advertisements to precisely the right audience at the right time has been the Holy Grail for digital display advertisers. They know that the best match increases the…

The Value of Conversation

User-generated content can uncover insights that drive business goals

Ask brands about the value of their digital presence and they’ll quickly say that online marketing lets them get closer to their customers. And while one side of this is…

Going Beyond the Banner

PointRoll gets creative to enhance digital marketing performance

Interactive video, rich media display, mobile campaigns, social media—with so many tactics available in a digital ad strategy, media and brand planners can innovate like never before. But the plethora…