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Real-Time Relevance

Today’s digital campaigns can be adjusted in milliseconds using richer analytics

When ads for Zappos started to appear to follow users around the Web, some people found the experience a bit eerie. A person would shop for a pair of shoes…

The Move to Real-Time Bidding

An October 2011 white paper from technology analysts IDC projects that real-time bidding (RTB) for digital advertising will greatly expand over the next few years. While RTB now makes up…

Need for Talent

The shift towards automated real-time buying has had an impact on the skills marketers need. The IAB has noted, for example, that the greater focus on analytics has increased the…

Are Marketers Getting a Clear Picture of the Digital Consumer?

What do brands really know about their customers? With the reams of data marketers and advertisers have about their targets, most still don’t have a clear view of customer behavior.…

Speaking the Mobile Language

Fluent’s MobFlow serves in-app ads at the right moment

Monetizing mobile game traffic remains a major challenge for publishers. Option one is to charge for the game, but there’s little assurance that sales volume can translate into a consistent…

Social ROI Uncovered

Efficient Frontier’s digital marketing solutions help provide insight into cross-channel interactions

As the social marketing conversation shifts from pure experimentation to value extraction, the demand for social analytics and metrics to measure and optimize marketing investments has significantly increased. “Marketers have to…

PointRoll’s Inspired Execution

Driving performance by balancing algorithms and creative

Using an array of data aggregation techniques, targeting methods and digital ad technologies, an automaker can deploy mobile ads on Pandora that tailor vehicle offers to consumers with specific music…

A Sharper Picture of Video

LiveRail brings new metrics to the growing ad medium

Managing an online video campaign takes technology decidedly different from traditional online display ads. That’s where San Francisco-based marketing technology firm LiveRail comes in. The company’s products and services specifically address the…

Getting to the World Series of Digital Media Buying

As I’ve been watching the World Series, it struck me that media buyers and baseball coaches are a lot alike. The media buyer’s team is, of course, the client or…

adMarketplace Delivers Accountability

Syndicated search for the world beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing

There’s a world of search advertising beyond the first-tier sites of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search syndication provider adMarketplace works with advertisers of all sizes to help them get a…