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The President’s Man

Bill Cosby—first recipient of the hall’s President’s award—talks about his place in advertising history.

While many granted entrance into the Advertising Hall of Fame are legends in their field, one new honoree is an out-and-out legend. Sure, Bill Cosby may be most revered for his…

The Marketing Machine

Through the past century, general Motors has been a pioneer in every area from jingles to sponsorships to product placement.

Since its cars first started hitting the pavement over a century ago, General Motors has done its part to turbo-charge the ad industry. But that’s not the only reason the…

7 Legends Talking

This year’s Advertising Hall of Fame honorees answer our off-center questions—and reveal the real people behind the icons.

Consider this their entrance interview. They’ve spent their careers racking up achievements and winning accolades. Now they stand at the threshold to the Advertising Hall of Fame. But before they…