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WGN America

Home of the Superfan
  • April 23 2012

WGN America is more than a place to watch the best in Chicago sports coverage. The channel, a superstation feed of Chicago’s WGN-TV, will still broadcast more than 100 regular and pre-season Cubs and White Sox games in 2012, as well as the NBA’s Bulls. But there is so much more. As a full-signal, single-feed network. WGN America offers a wide-range of off-net dramas, comedies and family content that appeals to a substantial and eclectic viewing audience. With a schedule that includes fan-favorite staples like 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Walker, Texas Ranger, watching WGN America truly has something for everyone.

Available through all major MSOs including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Mediacom and Suddenlink as well as satellite coverage with DirecTV and DISH and telcom providers Verizon and AT&T—WGN America now reaches approximately 76 million households, or 67 percent of the U.S., according to Nielsen.



Programming Highlights

Off-network shows: 30 Rock, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Bones (Fall 2012), Futurama, How I Met Your Mother, In the Heat of the Night, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Matlock, Rules of Engagement (Fall 2012), South Park, The New Adventures of Old Christine, ‘Til Death, Scrubs and Walker, Texas Ranger

Sports: Chicago Cubs (65 2012 season games), Chicago White Sox (30 2012 season games), Chicago Bulls (10 2011-12 season games)



WGN America features a diverse lineup of top off-net comedies and dramas, viewer-friendly family favorites, the best of MLB and NBA sports match-ups, late-night youth-driven comedies, and blockbuster movies. “Home of the Superfan” appeals to a wide spectrum of viewing segments and interests over the course of the programming day. Fringe time—weekdays, 3 to 7 p.m.—is used to broadcast regular showings of sitcoms such as The New Adventures of Old Christine and 30 Rock. Daytime, when mature viewers are more prevalent, WGN America turns to proven dramas such as In the Heat of the Night and Walker, Texas Ranger. When sports aren’t on the schedule on weekday evenings, blocks of fan-driven shows are shown, including How I Met Your Mother.



WGN America indexes as a top 5 general entertainment network for co-viewing in prime time among adults 25-54 and kids 2-11, as reported by Nielsen. It ranks among the youngest of
all non-children’s programming cable networks for median age in late fringe (11 p.m. to 2 a.m.).



WGN America seeks to engage fans of its off-network shows via social media platforms. With an independent How I Met Your Mother page on Facebook and the @MeetAtMcLarens Twitter handle, viewers have a unique opportunity to connect with WGN America. These social media tools offer advertiser engagement possibilities directed toward the channel’s core fans, resulting in even more impactful media buys.


Audience & Reach

  • The mean age of WGN America’s viewers is 50.9, with a mean household income of $65,794. (MRI)
  • 63% of WGNA viewers are homeowners with a mean home value of $195,765. 28% have children in the household. 54% attended or graduated college. (MRI)
  • Its audience is 54% female, 46% male (MRI)
  • With Cubs and White Sox games, the channel delivers an upscale sports audience with a median income of more than $80K for adults and men, 18-49 and 25-54. (Nielsen)
  • The channel’s viewership breaks down by ethnic/racial lines as follows: 71% Caucasian, 22% African American, 8% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 5% other. (Simmons)
  • 5% of WGN America’s viewers do not watch its main competitors. (MRI)



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