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Social ROI Uncovered

Efficient Frontier’s digital marketing solutions help provide insight into cross-channel interactions
  • October 28 2011

As the social marketing conversation shifts from pure experimentation to value extraction, the demand for social analytics and metrics to measure and optimize marketing investments has significantly increased.

“Marketers have to wade through some pretty big challenges: managing large-scale ad campaigns, building effective applications and moderating conversations in social media,” says Justin Merickel, Efficient Frontier’s VP of marketing. “Our goal is to provide products that make those challenges solvable in scalable fashion and generate strong ROI.”

That’s one reason why top brands like Expedia and Live Nation have repeatedly tapped Efficient Frontier for their digital marketing solutions that span search, social and display to uniquely integrate advertising and social engagement.

Efficient Frontier created a social sweepstakes application to help Expedia grow its fan base on Facebook to over one million in just six weeks. The FriendTrips application offered participants a chance to win vacation packages by piloting a virtual plane and inviting five friends to join them for the vacation.  The company’s insights found, for instance, that customers who identified themselves on Facebook as Lady Gaga fans had higher engagement rates in the program. “Because of our access to both ad and engagement data, we can uniquely analyze the data and seamlessly tie it back to segment optimization,” says Merickel. “Once we found that Lady Gaga fans were more highly engaged, we advised Expedia to target Lady Gaga interest segments with very specific creative. It was not necessarily an intuitive travel segment for Expedia to go after, but it contributed to lowering their cost-per-fan acquisition.”

Sponsored Stories on Facebook, which enable a brand to harness and amplify the endorsements of its fans to the much larger audience of friends of fans, are an ideal vehicle for the firm’s deep arsenal of social and ad optimization solutions. With the Social Marketing Suite, a brand can review and select fan endorsements to create Sponsored Stories and then ensure top ad performance through their algorithmic-based ad optimization.

Another product, Moderation, streamlines marketers’ abilities to monitor and engage their social communities, allowing for timely responses and deeper engagement opportunities. The product assists in quickly filtering through posts with the creation of watch-word lists and auto-delete functions. “The threshold in terms of responding to conversations varies widely,” notes Christine Beury, senior marketing director at Efficient Frontier. “Our moderation solutions give each brand the ability to manage the conversation as they want.”

Meanwhile, the Administrator product helps establish operational guidelines or “permission levels” that are particularly valuable to franchise companies such as Hyatt. Individual franchisee operators often want to create messaging that represents their own unique social and local experience, but are bound by rules that govern corporate brand consistency, says Merickel.  All these functions are critical to companies that operate in social media on a very large scale, he notes.

Live Nation manages more than 100 different Facebook pages for its entertainment brands and is constantly creating apps around concerts and events.  Efficient Frontier has worked with Live Nation to help grow its Facebook fan base from 95,000 to more than 520,000 in just nine months, notes the company.
It’s these unique data sets from digital ads and social marketing solutions coupled with out-of-the-box thinking that connects the dots for brands—and creates a model for digital marketing success.