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Pytka on His Peers

  • May 31 2011

CHANEL NO. 5 “BLUE SKY” Directed by Ridley Scott

"Impeccably done. Very romantic. It’s almost a timeless spot. It’s been ripped off by many, many people."

Watch "Blue Sky" spot here.

FORD “Pinto vs. Model A”
Directed by Norm Griner
"It was a beautiful voiceover; the timing was beautiful. He was an incredibly underrated director."

Watch "Pinto vs. Model A" here.

ALKA-SELTZER “Stomach Talk”
Illustrated by R. O. Blechman
"I thought it was brilliantly written and brilliantly illustrated. Perfect kind of commercial. It was ripped off over and over. It’s a piece of perfection. Funny as can be."

Watch "Stomach Talk" here.

PERRIER “The Lion”
Directed by Jean-Paul Goude
"I think it’s a beautiful blend of surreal and sexiness that only Jean-Paul could do. I thought it was hysterically funny."

Watch "The Lion" here.

FEDERAL EXPRESS “Fast Talker”; ALASKA AIRLINES “Little Things”; WENDY’S “Soviet Fashion Show.”
Directed by Joe Sedelmaier
"Sedelmaier was able to do things with people that you are not allowed to do today because it’s not politically correct. Sedelmaier is a flat-out genius. People try to do it now and get about 10 percent of Sedelmaier’s casting right."

Watch "Fast Talker" here.
Watch "Soviet Fashion Show" here.

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